Secure File Request Application

Secure File Request

Secure File Request Application New app to streamline the business process to request files from customers.

Here is the problem, agents want to request files from clients daily, and requesting files using email is increasingly challenging to track and organize. Email file requests also risk misplacing the files collected from customers or missing the email responses with file attachments. The popular email method to receive files results in a disorganized client roster with an inability to receive files too large. Our application eliminates these issues by automating the entire process.

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Secure File Request Application/

File Request Automation

This is how it is done

All the agent has to do manually is click send on the pre-written email template, which includes the secure link to upload the. The Secure File Request App automatically creates a new folder in agents Syncplicity, OneDrive, Dropbox, Sharefile, or Box cloud repositories organized by time, date, and email to ensure easy navigation as the client uploads the file. ​

For Customers:
  • No sign-up required
  • New secure link every time
  • Interface looks just like the business that you’re working with

For Agents:
  • All uploads are organized by email and time
  • Easy to generate links, there are no limits
  • You can add to the generated email before it’s sent if you want
  • You won’t miss emails with file uploads
  • Single-use adds security protecting you and your clients

For Enteprise:
  • Establishes uniformity throughout the company
  • Easy to look up data from any agent
  • Secure backups and data recovery for smooth employee on/off-boarding
  • Customizable email template
  • Easy to change the duration of link accessibility for the customer
  • Can block certain emails
  • Can set the maximum number of files and the file size
  • Customizable front page to fit the enterprise standard
Security and Storage

Unique features of the File Request App

The Secure File Request App can receive a few files or in-bulk up to 10GB, and the application administrator can set the limits globally for all users. Secure File Request offers a web portal experience customized to the enterprise look and feel, and it doesn't require the clients to create a login account to upload files. Secure File Request doesn't need reconfiguration of OneDrive, Syncplicity, Dropbox, Sharefile, or Box services to open it up for external users to upload files; thereby, you continue to preserve your organization's security IT posture.

The SFS app additionally provides


The Secure File Request Application is completely customizable offering edits for:

Company branding

Email templates

Types of notifications

File sizes

Number of files

File types

Security policies


Our application lets you use any of these secure file repository solutions:







Backflipt’s Secure File Request Application integrates with these solutions giving you complete flexibility to leverage your existing solutions.