Frustrations with Current Tools

For quite a while I have been frustrated trying to manage my customer interactions, especially when I have to enlist the support of my internal teams during those conversations. I have been using e-mail to drive these engagements using the usual CC’s, FWDs and BCC’s to get help from my internal teams. As these interactions progress, I get stuck in the middle of conversations, brokering information between customers and internal teams. With the increasing volume of e-mail that I receive everyday, I quickly become a bottleneck. The customer engagements suffer.

Friction in Customer Interactions

Feeling overwhelmed coordinating interactions between your customer and internal teams? You are not alone. I experience the friction in customer interactions every day. I have to use multiple tools and involve different internal teams to resolve customer issues. There are several situations where it is not desirable for me to expose my internal teams directly in customer conversations.