Oops! I Shouldn’t Have Sent That!


We all know that sinking feeling – that “oh no” moment when you realize you’ve hit “Send” too soon.  Was the customer still in the distribution list?  Did I just forward confidential information or embarrassing comments to my customer?  Did my colleague reply-to-all without taking the customer out of the thread?
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Getting Started with Backflipt


So you want to start crowd sourcing enterprise intelligence for customer solutions.  How do you get started?  It’s easy, of course.  Just install the app, connect it to email and start flipping.  Everything starts from there. Continue reading

How I Got Addicted to Backflipt


I’m seriously addicted to Backflipt.  Customer conversations are the currency of my business, and I must have Backflipt to keep those conversations going smoothly.  I have all kinds of tools that help me manage conversations.  LinkedIn is my rolodex.  Email is my personal outreach tool.  Social media helps me stay visible and get a feel for what others are up to.  My calendar, to do lists and CRM keep me organized.

So why Backflipt?

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