Sales Leaders: Stay Close and Accelerate Key Opportunities

It’s the last month of the quarter.  Your pipeline shows you can make your numbers, but only if you can close the key opportunities.  Your CRM gives you the vital statistics but lacks actionable, real-time updates on customer conversations in flight.  Your inbox is overloaded with fragmented internal discussions that are out of sync with customer interactions.  Frustrated, you pick up the phone and start calling your sales teams, taking their time away from engagements so you can see how things are going.  You need a better way to stay on top of critical deal status – one that focuses on the customer dialog instead of distracting from it.  You need a way to track and accelerate key sales conversations.

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Sales Coaching — Accelerate Time to Productivity


Your company is growing, and you are ramping up your sales team.  Your challenge is to bring new sales reps up to speed fast. Formal training is a start, but it is too expensive and time consuming to cover more than basic information on products, services and sales playbooks.  To gain insight on customer perceptions, pain paints and reactions to product offerings, the rep must either learn by trial and error or rely on an assigned mentor.  Mentorship is also limited, since the mentor would rather be selling than teaching.  Each mentor has a limited view, so the new rep misses out on the wealth of knowledge embedded in the field.  Sales collateral is hard to find, and new reps can spend inordinate amounts of time exploring the sales portal before they can use it productively.

Shadowing can bring new reps online fast.  There’s no substitute for live engagements, but you need to be careful with your customer relationships.  Shadowing can let new reps follow customer dialogs first hand.  By letting them follow, but not engage directly, you can ramp the neophytes up while keeping your experienced reps in control.

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