Friction in Customer Interactions

Feeling overwhelmed coordinating interactions between your customer and internal teams? You are not alone. I experience the friction in customer interactions every day. I have to use multiple tools and involve different internal teams to resolve customer issues. There are several situations where it is not desirable for me to expose my internal teams directly in customer conversations.
  • When my engineering team is supporting me during a POC, I don’t want the team to be overwhelmed with customer interactions.
  • When I am doing pricing negotiations with a customer, my finance team will be able to provide me better options when they are not forced to answer direct customer demands.
  • During contract negotiations with a customer, I need to maintain confidentiality and protect attorney client privileges across these negotiations.

I end up playing the role of go-between to make sure everyone is on the same page. When I have to drive multiple customer interactions simultaneously, I quickly become the bottleneck and I cannot drive my customer engagements effectively.

What I need is a messaging tool, which bridges the divide between my internal teams and customers. It should allow me to share any customer conversation into a private internal discussion with my teams. The teams should get a real time update of ongoing customer conversations without being directly exposed. This allows them to provide quick inputs that help me keep the customer updated in a timely manner.  I no longer need to be the go-between and become a bottleneck. So now no more friction during the customer interaction!