No Friction in Customer Interactions!

In my previous post, I shared with you the challenges that I face in using the current set of tools to drive my customer interactions. In this post, I want to describe the characteristics of a “No Friction” solution for customer interactions.

E-mail is the common denominator for all external communications including customer interactions. At the same time there are a lot of benefits to using a real time collaboration platform for your internal teams. I would like to have a solution which overlays my customer e-mail conversations onto a collaboration platform. Each e-mail conversation should be automatically captured in an internal discussion room. The e-mail participants from my organization should be automatically invited into the room. This would remove the significant overhead of manually creating channels or groups and manage user participation in them.

The solution should allow me to interact with my customers in e-mail and simultaneously engage with my internal teams in real time collaborative discussions. If I need help from any of my internal teams, I should be able to easily invite them into the discussion room. It should automatically provide isolation between the internal teams and my customer.  Because this happens automatically, I should not become the bottleneck to manage the information transfer between the customer and my internal team.  Any updates from the customer side should be visible to the internal team in real time without requiring any manual coordination from me.  At the same time, I have control of what gets communicated to the customer from the internal discussions. No more forwarding e-mails back and forth, no more switching between e-mails and collaboration tools, no more manual channel or group creation, no more manual on-boarding of people. In short, no more friction in customer interactions!