Not Another Email Slayer!

Every day we hear about a new app claiming to be an email killer. Meanwhile email usage continues to grow. As of 2015, more than 200 billion emails are sent everyday. The majority, about 112 billion, are business related. Email usage is predicted to grow at 3% every year. For businesses to communicate with customers, email rules.  Email is the only common denominator of communication that can cross all organizational boundaries.  So what is the reality behind this growing perception of “Email Slayers”?

Over the last couple of years, collaboration tools have become the communication hubs inside organizations.  Easy setup processes and friendly user interfaces allow the employees to quickly form teams and collaborate on any topic with team members. This has reduced the volume of internal emails, so there is a perception that these apps are email killers. But what happens when you have to communicate with a customer? You go back to using emails.

Emails should not be excluded from any collaborative activity around customer conversations. They contain rich contextual information, details about the people involved and the content that is exchanged. Instead of replacing emails, you need a new dimension of collaboration capabilities that is built on email conversations. This bridges the divide between internal teams and customers. Your internal team members continue to enjoy the benefits of collaboration. At the same time, you are able to drive your customer engagements using the same tool.

There is no need for yet another email slayer because emails are here to stay.