Applications and Services

250+ Enterprise applications integrations to help you build custom business applications with integrated workflows or simply build workflows using the Backflipt iPaaS

Automated Workflows

Build a "Flow” for That!

Make automated workflows using a simple drag and drop approach without any coding. Automate individual tasks for a user into a personalized workflow or build a comprehensive one across multiple applications.

Pick from hundreds of unique workflows or customize one using the elegantly designed UI experience.

Run them through industry leading Clouds or the enterprise hybrid Cloud. These configurations will automatically satisfy your compliance and security needs.

Immersive Experience

Automate efficiently with a captivating UI experience

Citizen developers and IT operations can build applications with enterprise standard security and compliance. You can make apps to establish a business workflow or just eliminate mundane tasks. We offer:

A rich set of customizable templates

Flexible widgets to meet your UI needs

Features that can adapt to your enterprise's style

Embedded apps with contextual relevance

Integration with enterprise SSO

Customizable no-code CSS files

Enterprise Graph

Productivity graphs for any user

The Enterprise Graph automates workflows using the latest intelligence offering a 360-degree view of the client. You can add information into the workflow with contextual information like profiles of the clients you are meeting with. You can build a powerful sales workflow while integrating up-sell and cross-sell opportunities without having to worry about losing track of any missing bug reports or previous notes discussed with the client.

Enterprise Graph

Generate Infrastructure IT graphs for administrators

The Enterprise Graph can be customizable to fit all the needs of IT administrators. This can include accommodating a broad range of devices and implementing any security protocols as needed. This graph uses multiple technologies such as steam processing optimization, business rule management, augmented analytics, and ML to help identify any issues. This technology also uses information from various sources including web downloads and articles to build an intelligent machine learning model.

For Enterprises

Designed truly for Enterprise Scale

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